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          中文版 |English | 服务热线:86-555-2567599
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                Founded in May 2013, Anhui Tongxin Chemical Co., Ltd is a professional ma
          -nufacturer that is concerned with R&D, production, import and export of oil re
          -sin, terpene resin and supplying relat
          -ed services. We are located in Hexian County, Ma’ans-han City.....

          petroleum resin Terpene resin Hydrogenated light petroleum resin C5 Hydrogenated petroleum resin
           Cultural idea
          Company uphold the principle of "concentric Liye, harmony and win-win" as the core value concept...
          Anhui Tongxin Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd Copyright Address:Ma'anshan province Anhui city (county) fine chemical base  Telephone:86-555-2567599 Fax:86-555-2567288 Mailbox:[email protected]